Street Improvement Work – Week of Aug 8th

August 5, 2022

Streets Department Announces Roadway Improvements for the Week of August 8
Temporary, Full Street Closures and Parking Restrictions Expected

PHILADELPHIA – Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams announced today that street
improvement work for the week of August 8, will take place in various areas of the city. The
work schedule includes temporary, full street closures and parking restrictions. Weather or
special events in the area may alter the work schedule.

This street improvement work is related to the initial phase of the city’s street resurfacing program.
Work will be completed in separate phases – milling, adjusting of manhole covers, and resetting of
utility boxes – which will take place in separate activities over the course of the week. Operations
for the milling work will be performed during the day hours, between 7A.M. and 4P.M. Milling of
each street segment is expected to last approximately 1-2 days per street. Work for adjusting of
manhole covers and resetting of utility boxes will be scheduled during the day, between the hours
of 7A.M. and 4P.M., and is expected to last approximately 1-2 days per street. The entire paving
process takes three to five weeks. Schedule of operations for the final resurfacing on these streets
will be announced via a separate press release. Streets scheduled for the initial phases of
improvement, including milling for the week are:

▪ Titan St, from S 30th St to S 31st St.
▪ Dickinson St, from S 33rd St to Shuykill Expy Ramp A.
▪ S 30th St, from Grays Ferry Ave to Morris St.
▪ S 34th St, from Morris St to Vare Ave.
▪ S Douglas St, from Morris St to Morre St.
▪ Moore St, from S Douglas St to Vare Ave.
▪ Gerritt St, from S 29th St to S 30th St.
▪ Vare Ave, from Snyder Ave to Moore St.
▪ S 29th St, from Grays Ferry Ave to Wharton St.
▪ S 28th St, from Grays Ferry Ave to Earp St.
▪ S 25th St, from Washington Ave to Ellsworth St.
▪ S 27th St, from Grays Ferry Ave to Mifflin St.
▪ Morris St, from S 26th St to Taney St.
▪ Morris St, from S 25th St to S Bambrey St.
▪ Morris St, from S 23rd St to S 24th St.

S 21st St, From Market St to South St.
▪ Cuthbert St, From N 20th St to N 21st St.
▪ Race St, From N 23rd St to N Bonsall St.
▪ Summer St, From N 22nd St to N 23rd St.

▪ S 19th St, From Market St to Walnut St.
▪ S 16th St, From Market St to Chesnut St.
▪ Ranstead St, From S 15th St to S 16th St.
Carlton St, From Dead End East to N 15th St.
▪ Wood St, From N Broad St to N 15th St.
▪ N 15th St, From N Vine St to Callowhill St.
▪ Wood St, From N 16th St to N 17th St.
▪ Carlton St, From N 16th St to N 17th St.
▪ Callowhill St, From N 17th St to Pennsylvania Ave.
N 18th St, From Spring Garden St to Fairmont Ave.
▪ Mount Vernon St, From N Broad St to N 18th St.
▪ Brandywine St, From N Broad St to N 15th St.
▪ N 15th St, From N Spring Garden St to W Girard Ave.
▪ N Sydenham St, from W Stella St to W Indiana Ave.
▪ W Stella St, from N Hicks St to N Sydenham St.

To complete the work, residents should expect parking restrictions. Temporary ‘No Parking’
signs will be posted in advance of each scheduled activity. Residents are urged to move their
cars from the work sites when temporary ‘No Parking’ signs are posted, so that vehicles are not
towed. In the event a car is towed, please contact your local Police District to determine its
location. Motorists are advised to allow extra time when traveling around the work areas.

Residents can stay updated on the progress of their street using the PavePHL tool, the City’s
web map paving tracker which allows residents to go online and view the progress of a street
scheduled for paving. It is one of the several components housed on the platform which allows the Streets Department to communicate to the
public about some of its most prominent and visible core services – including paving and
permitting. Future functions of the site will include trackers for snow plowing and trash and
recycling collections.

While the Streets Department will make every effort to minimize disruption to traffic, residents
are urged to plan ahead and use alternative routes when traveling in these areas. The Streets
Department thanks residents in advance for their patience and cooperation as we work to
improve city streets.

For more information on the City’s Paving Program visit For
information on all city services, call 311. Residents are asked not to approach employees for
information as they practice social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.