Planning & Design

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The Planning and Design Committee shall review planning and design related issues in the neighborhood and advise the board on how to promote the values, goals, and objectives of the Logan Square Neighborhood – Parkway plan as they relate to the built environment.

This Committee shall from time to time poll neighborhood residents and commercial entities to determine what features make this neighborhood an attractive area in which to live, work and conduct business. The Committee shall report to the board their findings in as quantitative manner as practicable. The Committee shall prepare an annual review of the multiyear patterns of residential and commercial development in the neighborhood and report these to the Board.  It shall offer recommendations regarding how best to control and optimize change in the neighborhood to retain largely single residence character balanced with multi-unit residences and office towers.  It shall call on the City and other authorities to provide information on current and projected demands for infrastructure services including transportation and parking and incorporate this information in recommendations regarding planning long range and large scale modification of the neighborhood both to the Association and as advocate on citywide planning. 

It may request funds to hire professional help if needed.  The Committee shall maintain close cooperation with the Zoning Committee. View Zoning Guidelines.

 A designee of this Committee and/or the LSNA President will work with the City of Philadelphia Planning Commission and represent the Logan Square Neighborhood Association as a Registered Community Organization with Civic Design Reviews of qualifying development projects.

RCO presentation materials requested in electronic format at least one month prior to the LSNA Board Meeting (see RCO Guidelines).