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RCO Guidelines

For RCO presentations, please submit the following, preferably in electronic format (PDF, PowerPoint, or similar) at least one week prior to the LSNA Board Meeting:  

  1. A list of allowable criteria per existing zoning designation and a description of any and all proposed variances and/or changes to existing zoning designation.
  2. Photos of the proposed building site and immediate surroundings as both street level views and aerials.
  3. Existing and proposed site plans.
  4. Proposed ground floor plan showing relationships of interior and exterior spaces.
  5. Proposed landscape plan (possibly as part of site plan).
  6. Elevations of all building sides with proposed materials, finishes, colors, etc. identified.
  7. Site section(s) showing relationship(s) to adjacent / neighboring building(s).
  8. 1-2 exterior street level rendered perspectives showing finish materials.
  9. 3D massing model showing relationship of the proposed project to existing context.
  10. Physical samples of exterior finish materials, if possible.