The mission of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association (LSNA) is to promote the social, cultural, and economic welfare of the Logan Square neighborhood and larger community, to attempt to represent fairly all residents, businesses, and institutions in the neighborhood, and to work cooperatively with government at all levels to achieve these ends.

More specifically, the Association seeks to ensure:

  • the improvement of recreational, school, and other educational, cultural, and business facilities;
  • the improvement of traffic flow and safety, pedestrian environment, and police and fire protection;
  • the promotion of zoning and city planning changes consistent with preservation of the residential and historic character of the community and neighborhood;
  • the preservation and improvement of the beauty of the area;
  • the promotion of health, sanitation, transportation, and communication facilities;
  • the communication of timely information relevant to the neighborhood and its elected officials; and
  • outreach to and involvement of nonmember landowning, condominium, and rental residents.