Accessing Mental Health Services

When someone in your community is experiencing a mental health crisis, there are resources to help you find that individual the swift help they need and deserve. Trained mental health professionals can be sent to your neighborhood to assess and support that person’s needs. We’ve connected with the folks at Penn Department of Psychiatry to give you an overview of Mobile Crisis Response in Philadelphia via FAQs:

FAQs about Mobile Crisis Response in Philadelphia:

1. What is the Mobile Crisis Response?
The Mobile Crisis Team will provide help to those facing a life-threatening situation in which an individual is threatening harm to self or others, is severely disoriented or out of touch with reality, has severe inability to function, or is out of control.

2. Does the Mobile Crisis response cost money?
No. The crisis response is free of charge, but any further care whether outpatient or inpatient will be billed to insurance.

3. Who shows up when I call for crisis response?
Two trained mental health professionals will show up to assess the individual. The individuals that show up will either specialize in child or adult, depending on the situation at hand.

4. What if I am unsure if this is a situation I should call about?
For non-emergency information about mental health and addiction services: 888-545-2600.
For perceived urgent/emergency situations: Philadelphia Crisis Line: 215-685-6440.

Penn Department of Psychiatry and its partners have magnets and brochures available for you to access for free so that you, your community members, and partners can have important crisis phone numbers and resources at your fingertips without having to dial 911.

To obtain brochures or magnets for distribution on-site or at community events, or have additional questions, please contact Kate Goldston, Community Engagement Coordinator with Penn Psychiatry at