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Information on Sunday's (3/26) Love Run

posted Mar 25, 2017, 7:48 AM by David Cardy
The race will begin in the 2200 block of B.F. Parkway and travel east on the Parkway to 16
th St., south on 16th St. to JFK Blvd., west on JFK Blvd. to 20th St., south on 20th St. to Market St., east on Market to 15th St., north on 15th St. to JFK Blvd., east on JFK Blvd. to Juniper, south on Juniper to Market St., east on Market St. to 6th St., north on 6th St. to Arch St., west on Arch St. to B.F. Parkway, B.F. Parkway to Binswanger Triangle and make a hard left between the Triangle and Eakins Oval to the south side of the Oval and enter the MLK Dr. using the access ramp to the far left side of the Oval, north on MLK Dr. to South Greenland Ramp; S. Greenland ramp to Strawberry Mansion Bridge; east on Strawberry Mansion Bridge to Woodford Drive; east on Woodford Drive to Strawberry Mansion Drive; Strawberry Mansion Drive to the Strawberry Mansion Bridge; west on the Strawberry Mansion Bridge to North Greenland Ramp, north on N. Greenland ramp to M.L.K. Drive; north on M.L.K. Drive towards the Twin Bridges to the turn-around; south on MLK to Eakins Oval and the finish line in front of the Art Museum.

Event Time Line
3:30 AM         Close Eakins Oval / Inner Drives of Parkway
7:30 AM         Wheel Chairs Start
7:32 AM         Runners Start
9:15 AM         Re-open Spring Garden Bridge (set-up 676 Line)
10:00 AM       All streets east of 16th Street re-open
2:00 PM          Eakins Oval open to traffic


Police Officer Steven Kiefer #2681
9th District Crime Analysts/Crime Prevention Officer

/Fusion Liaison Officer 
Office: 215-686-3089