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Employment at the New Giant Store

posted Feb 12, 2021, 5:14 AM by David Cardy
As many of you know - and if you don’t, then the coming circulars in your mailbox will certainly tell you - a massive Giant supermarket is coming to the neighborhood at the site of the new Riverwalk complex on 23rd, between Arch and Cherry. 

This is a significant development for the neighborhood, but also a significant development for the City.  Giant is part of the Ahold chain, based in Germany, the 4th largest supermarket chain in the US.  And they’re certainly not here simply to test the local market; Already, the new building is a major investment, and the store will become the flagship store for the chain throughout the entire region.

For the purposes of this note, this means employment opportunities - initially projected at about 200 jobs - that are open to all comers.  And one of the things supermarkets are very good at is scheduling around a part-time workforce, of schedule accommodation.  

Below is the link that represents the start of an employment journey with Giant.  The hiring process has just started, and they are anxious to hear from you.  From LSNA’s perspective, there are two broad classes of LSNA constituents for whom this might be a good and timely fit.  

For one, any of the considerable youth or student population in the neighborhood, perhaps pandemic-stranded for the next several months, looking for extra income, or simply here and wanting to build a work history and an income stream.

The second category might be established residents who - similarly - aren’t looking to do this in a full-time way but want to re-enter the workforce or supplement their income, or simply want the person-to-person contact this work affords.   

Already, Giant has established itself as a good neighbor, via LSNA, which is part of the reason we’re lending ourselves to this hiring moment.