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Health and Safety

Colleen Walsh   E-mail: cwalsh626@comcast.net

    Homeless Subcommittee Chaired by John Barrett
    Civic Events Subcommittee Chaired by Dan-Solis-Cohen

The Health, Safety and Tranquility Committee shall establish and maintain excellent communication and cooperation with Government and City Agencies ie: Police, Fire, Health, Streets, Parking Authority and Highway, as well as other agencies as needed regarding the quality and safety of LSNA and its residents. Duties of the committee and sub-committees are as follows:
  • Works to maintain law and order and safety of person and property.
  • Reports aggressive and/or abusive panhandling.
  • Identifies the safe and prompt removal of hazardous materials and helps to control dangerous situations found on public property or open spaces.
  • Works to control, suppress and/or eliminate pest and vermin disease, including but not limited to fleas, flies, mosquitoes, mice and rates.
  • Ensure the maintenance and repair of roadways, traffic control devices and overhead lighting.
  • Ensure that walkways and street crossings are safely negotiable for handicapped individuals, people with infants/small children and other pedestrians.
  • Oversee that garbage, trash, debris and recyclable materials are removed from residential properties at least weekly and oversee similar collections from commercial enterprises.
  • Oversee that the timely cleaning of storm sewer inlets are done and/or repaired or replaced as needed. Also, sanitary sewers as the need arises.
  • Ensure that the removal of snow and application of ice melts on streets is performed as needed.
  • Act as a liaison with LSNA Town Watch groups.

Homeless Sub-Committee
  • Communicate with agencies that provide food and shelter for homeless individuals and/or family units.
  • Interacts with city agencies and organizations regarding homeless activity in the LSNA community.
  • Reports on homeless issues to HSC committee.

Civic Events Sub-Committee
  • Regulate parades, festivals, concerts, walks, races and demonstrations to minimize or prevent untoward impact on the residential community
  • Ensure the prompt removal of garbage, trash, and debris following parades, festivals, celebrations and demonstrations
  • Co-chairs will meet with city officials to review plans for events within the LSNA community.
  • Co-chairs will provide on-going updates to the HSC committee members on all details involving events.
  • Co-chairs of HSC will prepare the final report to the LSNA President and Board.
  • All communications to city officials will be made by the sub-committee co-chairs after review and discussion with HSC co-chairs and the LSNA President.

  • To help make efficient use of board and committee meeting time, please email your health and safety-related concerns to H-S@LSNAPhilly.org before the next committee or board meeting. The committee meets monthly on the first Wednesday of every month.

    Meeting Times

    The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of alternate months, starting in February, at the Tivoli Condiminium Community Room, 19th and Hamilton Sts (please check in at the front desk). Please email H-S@LSNAPhilly.org to RSVP and be informed of any changes in meeting time/location.


    7:00 p.m.: Police Service Area 2 meeting with Ninth Police District officer liaison
    7:30 p.m.: Committee meeting

    Resources/External Links

    Health & Safety Resources
    Reports of Health & Safety Committee & LSNA PDAC Representatives
    Crime Prevention Tips

    Health & Safety Goals of Logan Square Neighborhood-Parkway Plan

    In partnership with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, LSNA hired professional planners to prepare the Logan Square Neighborhood-Parkway Plan. The Plan articulates a shared vision for the Logan Square community based on the input of residents, businesses, institutions, and other key stakeholders. Click here for the full text of the Plan.

    Please contact the Committee at H-S@LSNAPhilly.org to help implement the health and safety-related components of the Plan.

    Join Us!

    We are a small group of volunteers, so please consider contributing some time - as little or as much as you can spare - to help LSNA with health and safety-related concerns.

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